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Dawood Driving School Lahore Hyderabad Karachi

Dawood Driving School is a one top solution for driving. We are the pioneers in our domains. We have over 19 years of in-class teaching experience of young adults. Dawood Driving School is now having its branches in Lahore Hyderabad Karachi. We are very proud to state that right now we have qualified instructors (in-vehicle and in-class) and office. We have got international and national qualified male and female instructors. We are a Ministry-approved course provider. The basic difference between companies is how you teach the course. At Dawood Driving School we are proud to say that over most of our clients are by referral. At Dawood Driving School we are constantly updating ourselves so that we can always offer our clients the latest information on safety and basic traffic regulations. At Dawood Driving School you may be eligible to reduce the time you spend at other schools. We offer authentic driving lessons which are precise and helps in learning driving easily. Dawood Driving School instructors provides a friendly environment helping in the learning of the driver.

We go the extra mile for all our students.


Dawood Driving School offer services one student at a time (other driving schools take multiple student drivers for training).

Written progress reports after each lesson, so that you know exactly how well you are doing.

We also provide pick and drop service at home, school or work place

Strictly private instructions. You will never see three or four students crammed into the car at one time.

Wide range of cars are available which includes both manual and automatic cars.

Dawood Driving School is available to facilitate you with our services in three major cities Lahore, Karachi and Hyderabad.

We train our students to such extent that ultimately they pass their driving test on their own and get government license.

We can facilitate anyone at any site in Lahore Karachi and Hyderabad.


Traffic Signals management at Dawood Driving Centre

Traffic signs help to guide the safe and orderly movement of traffic. They serve many uses such as:

  • Providing directions
  • Giving instructions that road users must observe
  • Alerting road users of potential hazards which are not self-evident
  • Indicating facilities and tourist attractions in the vicinity

The designs and locations of traffic signs so that they can be read and understood at a glance.It is also important to limit the number of traffic signs along the roads. Too many signs will confuse motorists and distract them when they are driving. Hence, traffic signs should be placed only where necessary.

Junction Ahead ( sign board mostly triangular)

At Dawood Driving School we give our most priorities to traffic signs which help in learning and maintain the whole traffic. There are certain traffic signs which are categorized as per their significance.

Warning signswarn drivers of upcoming traffic hazards, dangerous roads, and other situations that require caution. They are generally yellow or orange and diamond-shaped. A left junction sign is a warning sign. At Dawood Driving School we teach our students about the whole traffic signs and the purpose of their being there through technical approach. Dawood Driving School instructors are highly professional. They also guide the learners about the designed shape and colors that are used in signs to regulate the whole traffic. Our instructors follow the international system. The junction ahead sign is quite an important sign. Dawood Driving School guides their students that warning signs are always in a triangle with yellow red colors. Junction signs tell you how the road ahead is shaped, and the direction that you should go in order to drive safely.Some signs are labeled with numbers that indicate the speed you should drive while making the turn or driving on the curvy street. Be extra careful in rainy conditions.



DDC has two branches in Lahore

  • Gulberg
  • Wapda Town

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